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Unboxing Our Wine Gift Box

The Most Personal Way to Send Quality Wine

1. We Start with Real Wine from Real Wineries. 

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2. Our Signature Wine-Life Pairing Card, Complete with Sommelier-written Tasting Notes is Always Included. 

With every gift order, we include a card that cleverly explains why the wine(s) fits the selected occasion, so your recipients knows exactly why they and their occasion are so special! 

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3. Personalize Your Card for That Extra Wow Factor!

Add your own personal photo or client photo to our signature Wine-Life Pairing  Cards to personalize any one of our wine gift boxes! We'll even print your message directly on the card so they know exactly who sent it!

Chipmonkey Wine Gift Cards

4. Paired, Packed and Shipped for You!

We wrap each bottle and pack it in our signature "Awesome Box," designed to bring an instant smile. And, we take care of shipping and tracking for you! Sending a gift with impact couldn't be easier! 

Wine for That Wine Gift Box


Unboxing Wine for That Wine Gift Box

Learn How We Started and Watch a Gift Unboxing!


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No Matter the Occasion, There's a Wine for That!

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