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Thanksgiving Pear-secco Ginger Beer Spritz

A Welcome Cocktail to Set the Mood

Scroll down for instructions or watch the video to make it with me.



'Pear'-secco Spritz

Thanksgiving day is a marathon, not a sprint. This fall-inspired welcome cocktail, with low alcohol Prosecco as the base, helps set the mood and the pace. Our measurements are rough, as it's really a drink best made to taste. I like a good amount of club soda in mine to cut the sweetness without cutting the spritz. Definitely don't miss the float of ginger beer to spice up your night and the rosemary garnish to add a fragrant dimension. Cheers to you and your loved ones, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  • Pour the Prosecco halfway up a glass filled with ice
  • Add a dollop of pear juice- it doesn't take much to impart the flavor
  • Top with almost as much club soda as Prosecco (less if you like your cocktails on the sweet side)
  • Finish with a float of the ginger beer for awesome spice
  • A rosemary sprig garnish tops it off, adding fragrant depth

Drank your wines before Thanksgiving? We probably would have too. No problem!