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The Best White Wines for Summer

white wine glasses with purple summer flowers


Albariño, Muscadet and Chablis

Lighter bodied wines are a perfect match for summer heat. All three of these wines have a delicious drinkability. They are also an oyster- and seafood-pairing dream.


Txakoli, Vinho Verde, Riesling and Picpoul

These 4 white wines will awaken your taste buds with their zip. Txakoli and Vinho Verde both have a slight effervescent spritz. Dry Riesling and Picpoul have mouthwatering acid, so much so that Picpoul translates to, "lip stinger!"


Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Verdejo

If you're grilling while you're chilling, grab some food pairing favorites. These wines go with everything from grilled chicken and pork tenderloin to hard to match foods like green salads and roasted asparagus.


Semillon, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne-Roussanne

Summer doesn't usually inspire oaky Chardonnay, but there are times when a rounder, richer varietal can fit right into the fun. Whether on it's own, or in combination with Sauvignon blanc (Bordeaux Blanc-style), Semillon's broad palate weight gives it staying power at the summer picnic table. Similarly, Viognier's roundness can be appealing, especially in versions that are not overly oaked, and still retain freshness. Grenache Blanc and Marsanne-Rousanne are other varietals that would fare well at your summer dinner table.