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Red Wines with Spice

Explore Pepper, Cayenne and Baking Spice in 3 Red Wines

Wines with Fall Spice

How the Spice Got There

Peppercorn No grinder needed here. Notes of black and white pepper in wine come from the aromatic compound, Rotundone. It’s found in the skins of certain grape varieties and becomes perceptible through the fermentation process.

Cayenne/Paprika Also described as bell pepper or pickled jalapeño, these notes come from another grape compound called Pyrazine. They can be polarizing in wine, with some loving it and others preferring to leave the veggies for their dinner plate.

Baking Spice Aromas of cinnamon, clove and allspice are a bit different as they don’t come from grape fermentation, but rather from the use of oak in the wine making process. The newer the oak and longer the aging, the more pronounced the spice will likely be.


Spicy Red Wines

To Each their Own

Like with cilantro, sensitivity and taste preferences to aromas/flavors differ person to person. So don’t be worried if you don’t smell something or you love a note in a wine and your buddy doesn’t.

Pairings for Spicy Reds

Pair it with Life
A fireside book · Fluffy blanket snuggles · Thawing out after a brisk evening walk · Date night · A Netflix binge session · Cozy it up!

Pair it with Food
Short ribs · Lamb shank · Cassoulet · Beef Bourguignon · Brisket tacos · Veggie Chili


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