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Busting Common Wine Myths

Stop Believing These Common Wine Myths 

Wine corks with the text "Busting Common Wine Myths" overlayed

Myth 1: Screw Caps Mean the Wine is Cheap

Fact: 98% of wines are NOT meant to be aged, so don't benefit much from a cork. Corks let wine oxygenate and evolve slowly, but most wines are made to be -and are- consumed within 3 years of release. Getting rid of corks can greatly decrease the fault "cork taint," a musty, cardboard like smell that comes from TCA (tricholoanisole). I for one long for the day we can say "screw it" to the showy cork and twist our way to enjoying cork taint-free wine every time!


Myth 2: You can't pair red wine with fish

Salmon dish
It's true that this is a tough pairing, but there are tricks that can make it work.

Tip 1: Tannins in wines like Syrah or Cab can make fish taste metallic. Low tannin varieties like Gamay, Pinot Noir or basic Valpolicella are safer bets.

Tip 2: Choose a rich fish, smoke it or sauce it. Fatty salmon or seared tuna steaks can pair well. To make delicate fish like cod or halibut work with reds, you'll want to think sauce, something like putanesca, or a bold BBQ rub to save your pairing.   


Myth 3: Bubbles are best served in a flute

Types of wine glasses

Fact: Goldilocks likes a white wine glass. The old school coupe has a large open surface area that can let bubbles dissipate too quickly. On the other hand, the long, skinny flute, while good at trapping bubbles, traps the aromas too. But, the good ole white wine glass is, you guessed it, just right! 


Myth 4: Sulfites in wine give me a headache

French fries and wine sulfates

Fact: It's probably not the sulfites. French fries and dried fruits have about 10 times the sulfite levels as wine! So, unless you are one of the very rare percent of folks with a sulfite allergy, you can switch the headache blame to more likely reasons, like dehydration and histamine production, both of which can be byproducts of consumption. 



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