Charitable Wines to Try

Enjoy These Wines and Support a Good Cause 

Charitable Wines

Vital Wines

Vital Wines

Photo credit: Vital Wines 

Vital Wines is located in Walla Walla, Washington. The winery began in 2016 with the goal of cultivating the health and dignity and inclusion of vineyard workers within the community. Vital strives to improve equity in access to healthcare for vineyard workers and their families. In addition to providing healthcare, Vital Wines is committed to co-fund a community health advocate position to the Walla Walla community. To date they've raised over $56,000 through the sale of more than 3,300 cases of wine.


XOBC Cellars

XOBC Wines

Photo credit: XOBC Cellars 

XOBC Cellars was created by a group of women in wine who are committed to making a difference, spearheaded by singer/songwriter, Brandi Carlile. Through their wines, they have seen communities come together and thrive. Proceeds from XOBC Cellars wines benefit the The Looking Out Foundation which is focused on providing protection, shelter and psychological first aid to children, parents and caretakers who are fleeing the war torn areas such as Ukraine. 


Gorilla Wines

Gorilla Wines

Photo credit: Gorilla Wines 

These rich, full bodied wines come from Italy in the Puglia, Sicily, and Veneto regions. Gorilla Wines donates a portion of their proceeds to various gorilla conservation projects in Congo DR, Rwanda and Uganda. Their goal is to help preserve the gorilla population that has been affected due to deforestation, poaching and viral infections.    


Drink for a Good Cause
Many small and large batch wineries support a variety of causes. Whether you love animal rescues, land conservation, diversity and equity or research centers (and so much more) there's a wine for that!

Purple Star Wines

Purple Star Wines

Photo credit: Wine Country Travel Destinations & Yakima Valley Tourism

Purple Star Wines was founded in 2008 in Washington with a specific vision in mind. Their goal from the beginning was to create wine that is accessible, approachable, and affordable. 15% of their proceeds from sales of Purple Star Wines goes to the Seattle Children's Hospital to lighten the financial burden so many families face. 


Water from Wine

Water from Wine

Photo credit: Water from Wine

Water from Wine is dedicated to helping solve the global clean water crisis, with almost $1million dollars raised to date. The winery grows their own grapes and 100% of revenue from their Horse Heaven Hills AVA Cabernet Sauvignon go to supporting clean water access in Honduras, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and India. 


Wine for That Gifts

Wine for That Gift

Since July 1st, 2020, we at Wine for That have been donating $1-6 for every 1-6 bottle gift you send to water 1st international. This incredible non-profit organization is working to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Their efforts move beyond the standard well system and focus on the piping of clean water directly into villages and even directly into homes. This important distinction means that women and girls no longer need to spend vast amounts of time to walk many miles to carry water back to their villages, often freeing them to work and attend school. Directly piped water also means the need to ration carried water for cooking only is no longer necessary. This is a huge game changer as water is now freely available for sanitary use as well. We are happy to have been able to help provide clean water access to 26 people FOR LIFE and counting!


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