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Bold Red Wines to Beat the Cold

Winter Doesn't Stand a Chance Against These Bold Red Wines


Beat the Cold with Bold Red Wines

Pairings for Bold Red Wines

Pair it with Life
OMG are we really still in the pandemic? We're gonna need something stronger · After a blistery winter walk · The season-long search for that one lost glove

Pair it with Food
Blue cheese-topped portobello mushroom or steak · Short ribs · Ragu · Hearty stews · Prime rib


3 Ways to Go Bold

The Grape. Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah are a few varieties with thicker skins. This means more color-containing anthocyanins and tannins for a deep, bold punch.


The Climate. Ample sun and heat in hot climates can mean greater ripening and higher potential alcohol. Fruit flavors also change, going from tart (lemon, citrus) to tropical (juicy peach and pineapple) in white wines and fresh fruit (pomegranate, cherry, berries) to concentrated, dried or stewed fruits in red wines.

Wine Making. Leaving juice or wine on the grape skins longer (a variation of which is used for your Valpolicella Ripasso) coaxes more color and tannin into the final wine. Aging in toasted oak, and carrying out malolactic conversion (tart, malic acid to creamy, lactic acid) are other techniques that can add richness,
texture and "boldness" to the
final wine.

9/10 Dentists Agree!

With their teeth-staining color, concentrated dark fruit notes, throat-tingling high alcohol, gum-drying tannins, and rich, full body, bold wines pack a palate punch!



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