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Wine Pairings for Vegetarian Dishes

Find the Best Wines for Vegetable Pairings

Wine and Veggies

Tips and Tricks for Wine and Veggie Pairings

Think About Complementary Flavors  Many red and white wines contain aromas and flavors that complement vegetables that come from compounds like  rotundone and pyrazine. These can range from peppercorn (rotundone) and herbs all the way to vegetal flavors like asparagus, bell pepper and even picked jalapeño (pyrazines). Wines with these notes make for easier pairing with the intense flavors of various vegetables.

Sauce is Boss. As with pairing wine with any food, it's important to not just look at an isolated ingredient, but to consider the dish as a whole. Vegetable dishes with rich, creamy or cheeses sauces, for example, would be better paired with high acid wines that can clean and refresh the palate. 

General Wines for Veggie Pairings

Red Wines Cabernet Franc and Carmenere are two red wines that contain ample pyrazines, imparting flavors of bell pepper, chilis and/or herbal notes. These wines can be a great match for a variety of vegetable dishes. Black and white pepper notes can often be found in wines like Grenache and cool climate Syrahs, also providing a great flavor compliment.

White Wines Many white wines also contain pyrazines and/or rotundone. Green notes in Sauvignon Blanc (ranging from grassy in Loire Valley wines to pickled jalepeño in New Zealand), leek and peppercorn in Grüner Veltliner, and fennel notes in wines like Spanish Verdejo make these wines a great match for veggie dishes and crudites.


3 Great Wine and Vegetarian Dish Pairings and Recipes

2017 Gramercy Cellars 'Lower East' Mourvèdre with Roasted Mushroom

This elegant, silky, peppery wine has evolved with five years of bottle age serving to smooth out rough, meaty edges. The palate explodes with a balance of ripe red fruits and a kick of black pepper spice. The perfect match for roasted or grilled mushroom dishes.

Mushroom fajita recipe

About the Wine:

Gramercy Cellars Lower East Mourvedre

Grapes: Mourvèdre (75%) · Syrah · Grenache
Region: Columbia Valley, Washington
Tastes like: Red cherry · Strawberry ·  Black plum · Smoked meat · Black pepper · Sweet tobacco 
Craveable: Mushroom fajitas · Grilled balsamic portobello · Burgers · Roasted lamb shank · BBQ chicken.
Wow: 92pts, Editor's Choice, Wine Enthusiast



2020 Vietti Roero Arneis with Creamy, Lemony Asparagus Risotto

Most Italian wines are intended to be enjoyed with food and this bottle is no exception. Although the palate is light enough to sip on its own, the subtle but complex flavors really complement summer veggies- especially those in a creamy, lemony pasta or risotto. 


Risotto recipe card

About the wine:

Vietti Roero Arneis

Grapes: Arneis
Region: Roero, Piedmont, Italy
Tastes like: Lemon · Jasmine · Underripe pineapple · Almond · Touch of raw honey
Craveable: Asparagus risotto · Snap pea and mascarpone pasta · Roasted veggies



2021 Côte Bonneville Rosé with Zucchini Fritters

Some Rosés are meant for patio pounding, and others really shine at the dinner table. The grapes in this bottle were grown and harvested specifically for making a Rosé (as opposed to a by-product of leftover fruit or juice intended for red wine). The result is a flavorful, balanced wine that goes beyond a simple summer sipper and is a dream at the summer dinner table.

Zucchini Pancake recipe card

 About the wine:

Cote Bonneville Rose of Cabernet Franc

Grapes: Cabernet Franc
Region: Yakima Valley, Washington
Tastes like: Melon · Tangerine · Strawberry · Medium palate weight · Bright acid finish
Craveable: Zucchini fritters · Salads · Grilled Sockeye salmon




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