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Chillable Red Wines

Find the perfect chillable red wines for summer.

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Chillable Red Wines Wine Club

What Makes a Red Wine Chillable?

Wines that Work
Sure, technically you can chill any red wine, but some varieties just lend themselves better to deliciousness at lower temperatures. Fruity reds with lighter body and lower alcohol work best. The bright red fruits in a Gamay or lighter style Pinot Noir, or Cinsault
taste divine with a slight chill. Wines made using the carbonic or semi-carbonic method, where the initial fermentation takes place inside the intact berries, retain more of their fruity, fresh characteristics and take well to chilling.

Avoid Chilling
Reds with high tannin, lots of oak, high alcohol just don't work well chilled. Cold temperatures can amplify tannin, oak and alcohol, leaving you with a harsh taste and subdued fruit notes. That Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are best left out of the ice bath. 


“Hot” tip: Don’t Overchill!
30min in the fridge or an ice bath should be plenty. If your wine has been in the fridge days, pop it on the counter top for about 30min to let up warm a bit. An exception to this is the ”Love You Bunches.” It can (and should) be ice cold to get the most out of it.

Pairings for Chillable Reds

Pair it with Life
Hot summer nights · Hot flashes · Hot Twitter topics · Molten Hot Pockets · Social media hotheads · You know, hot stuff... 

Pair it with Food
Charcuterie · Homemade pizza · Blue cheese burgers · BBQ



But, what about Cabernet All Day?
If your mantra is "go big or go home," just make sure you're keeping the alcohol and oak content in check. Or, better yet, wait until the hot sun starts to fade before popping open that Syrah or Cabernet.



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