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Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

Wines Paired Perfectly to the Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, Feast

November 2021 'A Wine Club for That' Pack 

Great Thanksgiving Wines

Pairings for Thanksgiving Wines

Pair it with Life
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Pair it with Food
Your Thanksgiving Day turkey feast!

Pairing Tips

Thanksgiving's a Marathon, not a Sprint Starting the party with a low alcohol wine or cocktail will bring a festive mood and set the right pace. 

Prosecco-Pear Cocktail

Cranberry Sauce is Boss

Whether from your grandma's recipe, or straight out of a can, the tart acidity in cranberry sauce refreshes the palate between bites of rich Thanksgiving fare.
The right wines can work in the same way!


Complementary flavors make sense for wines too. Varieties like Grenache, Gamay and Pinot Noir are bursting with cranberry, pomegranate and cherry- flavors made for the holiday table.

The bright acidity of these same wines can help liven the rich feast. Their light body and elevated acid levels keep your palate lifted and ready for the next bite.
Perfect Thanksgiving Wines


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